Internet + era to seize the opportunity

Background Story

We are a global digital asset trading platform legally registered in Ghana, Africa. Providing a channel for the purchase of digital assets by legal currency, providing currency transactions and providing channels for the purchase of goods by digital assets, is the only comprehensive service platform for the use of digital assets in China-Africa cross-border trade as a payment method.

What We Do


Adopting the highest level of SSL encryption transmission and hot and cold wallet separation technology to ensure the security of users' assets; applying financial industry management logic and multi-level architecture configuration to ensure system security and stability; CDN multi-node deployment ensures high-speed and efficient global access users.


The professional team has a deep financial background and practical experience in operating international exchanges, and strongly guides the output of digital assets. The efficient talent training program focuses on the localized talent strategy of Africa from the beginning of education, thus cultivating a large number of practical students. The future star of Africa's future development.


Provide 7*24 hours of uninterrupted online customer service to ensure that China and Africa trade at zero time; provide a convenient channel for African countries to exchange currency assets to ensure that African countries maintain the same level of value as digital assets held around the world.


Cross-border payment using the global consensus mechanism of digital assets to solve the rigid demand for value savings in African local people. Using the rapid liquidation function of digital assets to solve the problem of cross-border payment in China-Africa cross-border trade, the use of blockchain technology cannot be falsified. And trust mechanisms to address the security and storage of digital assets.